Leave a Crooked Path

Leave a Crooked Path

by Simone Paradis Hanson

Overview: Claire lives in an idyllic world surrounded by quirky neighbors in her small Maine town. Her last summer before high school should be carefree. Instead Claire must navigate the dangerous waters of a family in denial. Caught between her loving, sober father and the cruel man he becomes when he drinks, she struggles to protect the illusion of their perfect life. When a tragic accident tips this precarious balance, reality can no longer be denied.

Rose Marie Mayer (01/02/17): Leave a Crooked Path is an amazingly well written book, I would recommend it to all of my friends. It is beautifully and touchingly written. I have already given it 4 stars in my writing group. Thank you so much, Simone, and I am so looking forward to your next book.
Rating: *****

Martha Lane (09/29/16): I can't wait to pass the name of this book along to my friends and family. I will selfishly keep my copy in case I want to read it again! The author truly hits on all of the emotions of living with an alcoholic father; the love, the dread and the anger while trying to maintain a normal life. Many of the chapters were so vividly written that it was easy to imagine myself there. Even though I have never been to Maine, I feel like I was there experiencing the townspeople, their customs and their closeness to each other. I didn't want the book to end! A great read. I can't wait for Simone's next novel.
Rating: *****

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