A Mercy

Let the Great World Spin

by Colum McCann

Judy Stanton: The cover of Let the Great World Spin depicts the man who once walked a tightrope high above the city of New York. While that occurence is at the center of the story, it is more of a touchstone rather than a focal point. The book takes awhile to get into, with each chapter leading you into a slice of life of a different character. For me, it was a bit confusing at first, trying to figure out who I was reading about...whose voice was speaking. Once I got accustomed to the format, and starting seeing the stories intertwine, I got the more global picture of life in New York in the 1970s. I liked the variety of characters, the humor, the drama, and the interweaving of the "man on the wire" story with the many life stories around him.
Rating: ****

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