The Lift


by Kelly Corrigan

Kim Sisto Robinson: Author, Ginger Emas, sent me this delightful treasure exclaiming, "I have a feeling you will enjoy this little book, even though you may shed a few tears." She was right. "Lift" not only lifted me into flight, but also brought me directly through the turbulence of Motherhood. In "Lift" author, Kelly Corrigan, writes an insightful, tearful, hilarious, moving letter to her two daughters: "I think about your futures a lot. I often want to whisper to you, when we're tangled up together, 'Remember this. This is what love feels like. Don't take less.' But what I end up saying is: 'This was my dream. You were my dream.'" But this is not a book exclusively for mothers; it is a book for any individual who wants to be lifted up and loved unconditionally, fully, tremendously, and forever and ever and ever. I loved it!
Rating: ****

Ginger Emas: I'm only on page 7 of Kelly Corrigan's new release, Lift, but I've already cried once, had two lumps in my throat, and three vigorous head-noddings as in, "I know just what you mean." I can't wait to absorb all of this beautiful little book, but it is really, really little -- only 96 pages, what they call a single-sitting read. In an email Kelly sent my radio show, she wrote, "According to O Mag, it's bighearted. According to Anne Lamott, it's rich and intimate. According to my mother, it's better than The Middle Place." That's right, Kelly is the author of the also-wonderful Middle Place, which had me sobbing on the introductory pages that don't even have page numbers, but are stuck with xi and xii -- my tears soaked the book almost before I began. Oh, did I mention that I LOVE to cry at books? So this is a POSITIVE point for me! So being that Lift is only 96 pages long, I have told myself I will only read a little bit at a time, like eating one tiny milk chocolate morsel ... letting it sit on my tongue and melt naturally, slowly, so I can enjoy every single sensation. That is how I am going to read Lift, and I can't wait! More to come...

Ginger Emas: Okay ... I stretched out this beautiful little book for five whole days, and that includes the last few pages I read on a plane where I wanted to gobble it all up at once. As it is, my seatmate wanted to know if I was alright, as a smile played on my lips and tears streamed down my face when I came to the end of Lift. (Did I mention I'm a cry-er? And I ENJOY that?) Lift encouraged me to feel things that I rarely take the time to stop and feel. Kelly knows how to do that; to describe moments and people in a way that is precious, that we can all relate to (without getting overly mushy.) Lift is part memoir, part inspiration -- to live, to think, to take a moment to memorize what we love when we look around us. It is not preachy; it is is REAL. She talks about a good friend of hers whose son died, and gives us a glimpse into what friends do, what moms do, when the unthinkable happens ... she also shares with us another good friend who wants to have a child on her own, and what that road looks like, both from a friend's perspective (a friend who adores being a mother above everything else) and from the perspective of the single-mom-to-be. Page 79 I think is when I really began sobbing and thought about locking myself in the AirTrain bathroom so I could emote all I wanted in peace. But really, is there anything peaceful about an airplane bathroom? Thank you, Kelly, for taking snapshots ... with your camera, and with your words. I have an idea: what if we held a workshop and we all worked on a small memoir of what we want to shellack in our lives?
Rating: *****

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