Living in a Foreign Language

Living in a Foreign Language

by Michael Tucker

Barbara Diener: As my return to Italy, as everyone knows, gets further and further away, I find myself seeking books related to the desire to relocate to my favorite spot on the planet. Michael Tucker was the star of L.A. Law with his wife, Jill Eikenbery. Their love of traveling to Italy brought them to a beautiful village in Umbria to immerse themselves in "la dolce vita." I too, have been aching to move to this beautiful country, but alas, our family commitments keep us in Atlanta, for now. This book is the story of their experience traveling between Los Angeles, New York and The Rustico (the name of their house) in Spoleto, Italy.

I loved every minute of the book. Mr. Tucker has a way of telling their story with humor.He has appreciation of his surroundings and the love of his live to share it all. I envy the love of food (Italian or any other!), his new neighbors and the home they have made in a foreign country. As living the ultimate dream for me, would be much the same as theirs, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this couples journey. I believe you will too.
Rating: *****

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