Love Anthony

Love Anthony

by Lisa Genova

Judy Stanton (06/06/13): It's rare for medical professionals to be proficient in lay language, which is why Lisa Genova's books....Still Alice, Left Neglected and now, Love Anthony...are so exceptional. She manages to create real people dealing with true life experiences, including a neurological disorder, in this case, autism. As a mother, your heart goes out to moms who have to grapple with kids with any disability, and this autistic boy, Anthony, who can't speak, hug, or keep up with his peers, is a real challenge. A challenge to keeping a marriage together, a challenge to being a loving parent, a financial challenge, and a challenge to faith. In a book being written by one of the main characters, the author takes a stab at going inside Anthony's mind and expressing in words, what he feels. The life lesson, portrayed here with an autistic boy and his mother, is one we all could benefit from learning:how to love someone unconditionally; to accept that another person's (especially our children's) definition of happiness need not meet our own.
Rating: ****

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