Love, Lies and Tears

Loves, Lies and Tears:

An Intimate Look at America's First Ladies, Martha Wasington to Helen Taft

by Jacqueline Berger

Barbara Gold (10/14/12): As the elections come closer, it is important to see what impact of the former first ladies had on on President, as well as how their upbringing impacted their lives.

These books tell the stories about which First Ladies took active roles with the presidents, preferred to bring forth their own causes, or really did want to to be First Ladies. These books are written as though they were novels, yet all the information is true!

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Rating: *****

Barb Shane (12/05/11): What a great book. Jacqueline knows how to tell the stories of these women from a women's point of view. It seems we only hear what the news wants us to know. How delightful to read that Mamie Eisenhower wasn't a drunk as she was portrayed in the news, rather her unsteadiness was caused by an illness. Both Volumes make wonderful presents since each chapter for each first lady is a wonderful story on its own. Jacqueline writes as though she was telling you a wonderful story, while all the information is True History.
Rating: *****

Shari Brody: Ms. Berger has an amazing knowledge of the first ladies! Her book is full of intimate details of their lives which was also historically enlightening.
Rating: *****

Barbara Gold: Loves, Lies and Tears: An Intimate Look at Americaís First Ladies, Vol. I. Martha Washington to Helen Taft is a history book that kept my interest and made me want to turn the page to learn more about these women, things I never learned in school.

Jacqueline Berger covers the facts about the first ladies, but what is different is how she does it. I thought I was reading a novel that tells their stories from childhood and ends with their death. These ladies were surprisingly very strong and accomplished so much.

Although I took US history, she reminded me of the times when these women lived and the political background of each presidential era. But this not a book about politics, it's about everyday women who are married to the President of the US. I never understood the hardships, their backgrounds and the accomplishments they had. I saw a different role of first ladies during the early days of the US.

What surprised me was Ms. Berger's personal insight at the end of each First Ladyís story, giving us a a clue to the fascination these women hold for her, and to make me think. Who knew that women of the 21st Century had so much to learn from 19th and 20th Century 1st Ladies.

Yes, this is a great History Book about America's First Ladies with a bibliography and index, yet very entertaining for someone like me who just wants to read a great history book!

I found that Loves, Lies, and Tears was an easy read and I was able to pick up the book where I left off. I noticed additional bookmarks meaning that my Mom and 14 year old daughter were enjoying the book.

I recommend this book for men over 50 as they will enjoy the historic stories, as well as women and girls over 14.

I canít wait to hear about the other ladies!

I was amazed by the stories Ms Berger told of our First Ladies. Who knew that my favorite movie, The American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning was based on lives of real First Ladies. I was checking her site at and noticed that you can order the book at 30% off.
Rating: *****

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