Love, Lies and Tears

Loves, Lies and Tears:

An Intimate Look at America's First Ladies, E. Wilson to Jacqueline Kennedy

by Jacqueline Berger

Barbara Gold (12/05/12): After enjoying her first book that covered Martha Washington to Helen Taft I was looking forward to Ms. Berger's next book. I was not disappointed! I assumed that most of these first ladies were born with golden spoons, Ms Berger was able to give me more detail of each women's lives and I was definitely wrong. Then reading about the First Ladies after the White House was also a surprise. They actually became Women like me without a staff!

Not being around during all the periods covered in the book and not necessarily remembering my history, I appreciated the introduction that reminded me what was happening in the World when the first ladies were sitting in the White House.

I realize that this book was written for both genders and many people would think it should be read only by adults, I feel it is important to mention that High School and College students would benefit from reading it. The stories of these women is positive reinforcement that it doesn't matter where you came from, or what challenges you are faced with, it matters how you deal with them and what you do with your life.
Rating: *****

Shari Brody (03/24/11): I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ms. Berger's second book! I especially loved being able to order it, easily, at her website. In honor of the Presidents' wives and Woman's History Month,a 30% book discount is given. That is something that I appreciate and bought another book as a gift.

Jacqueline Berger has a depth of knowledge from years of studying and guest speaking on the topic of the first ladies. Her volume II was worth the wait. She has hit her stride as the book is filled with great historical and personal details and is a must read book!
Rating: *****

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