Lullabies for Lieutenants

Lullabies for Lietenants

by Franklin Cox

Overview:Capturing the chaotic nature of the U.S. Marine experience at war in Vietnam, this memoir recounts the experiences of a young officer in a series of unrelated short pieces. In a narrative as fragmented as the war itself, the only resolution is the same one reached by the Marines who fought—the conclusion of a tour of duty with no happy ending. Each chapter describes a specific event, a story of emotion, or a remarkable person (some are heroes, some are cowards). The reader lives the experience alongside the author, gaining a true sense of the pulse-pounding contact, surrealism, pathos, humor, and beauty that defined one of the low points of the American experience.

Rona Simmons (09/26/17): Gripping account of a Marine forward observer in Vietnam. I recall my heart pounding as I read it, my senses alert. He marvels at “how effectively his brave Marines fight and sacrifice for each other, not for the U.S. Constitution, not for the cause of democracy, not for God or the good old Red, White, and Blue, but for pride. Pride for each other and for the exquisite pride in being a Marine.”

Cox delivers the sounds of mortar shells and rain on ponchos, the smell of rotting vegetation and the iron-tinged scent of blood, and the damp of wet socks and slippery mountain sides, putting the reader beside him in this beautifully written but harrowing story of his experience in that most awful war.
Rating: *****

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