by Geraldine Brooks

Sharon Weiss (02/07/12): I read "Little Women" ages ago and was happy to see the author construct a believable story about Mr. March's adventure in the Civil War. I enjoyed reading about Mr. March's struggles and March family's ability to cope with very limited funds and food. Any fan of historical novels and American literature would enjoy this book.
Rating: *****

Judy Stanton: March is taken from the novel Little Women, telling the story of the girl's father as he goes off to fight in the Civil War. I enjoyed the descriptions of the varied circumstances in which March finds himself and think that Geraldine Brooks probably did a lot of research to make this historical fiction novel come to life. I have read all of Brooks' books and find her to be an amazingly versatile writer. With People of the Book and March, she intertwines relationships, family and history in a most interesting and insightful way. A good read; probably better if you are a lover of Little Women.
Rating: ****

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