May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

by Peter Troy

Dale Israel (08/17/12):This book took me to a place far and away where I met new friends I didn't want to leave when the story was over. With the last click of my Kindle I could almost see all the characters lined up along the side of the road, in their 1860's garb, waving good bye, asking me to visit again and inviting me to bring others with me. Corney, huh? But oh so true.

Set in the days of the Civil War, May the Road Rise Up to Meet You is a saga centering around four main characters: Ethan, an Irish immigrant who saw enough sorrow in his life that would make anyone bitter but instead made him a kind and lovable man. Marcella, a Spanish beauty who remained true to her ideals even though it cost her the love of her family. And Micah and Mary, African American slaves, each with their own story to tell and both admirable in their strength of character and fortitude. Troy uses dialects to create authentic characters and moves easily between first and third person, though this initially caused some confusion. While there are those who may feel the plot is a bit predictable, I say: who cares? I was drawn into the stories of each character and was sorry to see the novel end. Bravo Mr. Troy ...well done.
Rating: *****

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Why don't you purchase this Kindle e-book from Amazon?

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