Mending the Shattered Mirror

Mending the Shattered Mirror

by Analie Shepherd

Overview: Mending the Shattered Mirror is the phenomenal true story of Analie Shepherd's, a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder, fight against abuse by a mental health professional.

In 1960, three-year-old Analie's mother fled violence from an alcoholic husband and found safety at her mother's house. The five sisters shared one room, a lawn chair serving as a bed. "You are killing your mother!" the grandmother said, forbidding contact between the children and their mother.

Overwhelming grief caused Analie's psyche to split into seven personalities, "The Others." Years passed. Analie graduated from college, married and had four beautiful children. Life was wonderful until her daughter revealed a dark family secret. Analie's world crumbled.

She started seeing a therapist who violated boundaries resulting in abuse. Analie became suicidal. With nowhere to turn, she contacted Therapy Exploitation Link Line and connected with Dr. Laurie Steiner, a retired psychiatrist. Their four-year journey is based on email conversations that document a story of hope, courage and redemption. From the very first page, this story will enthrall you ... the conclusion of the book is amazingly beautiful and deeply satisfying.

Kathleen Fleming (05/04/17): This book hits all the high marks of a good read. While it is not the genre I usually gravitate towards, the compelling and true account of one women's experience of abuse during therapy grabs your interest from page one. While the story will make you angry on behalf of the author and her family, it is ultimately a story of courage and triumph. I whole heartedly recommend this book. This would be an excellent book for a book club to read and discuss.
Rating: *****

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