Miss Invisible

Miss Invisible

by Laura Jensen Walker

Kim Sisto Robinson: Freddy is a bit over weight. Big Deal. As women, we can identify with her, feel empathy for her, and accept her exsactly as she is. We get it. We know what its like to be unconventional in a society driven by thinness, superficiality, and pretention. Dont we?

You see, Freddy is a little anxious about her curves. In fact, her lack of confidence is placing boundaries on her life; actually, controlling her destiny...but when Freddy begins to see herself as more than just a big-boned woman, she also begins to find her substance, depth, and inner Goddess. She becomes who she is supposed to be.

I loved Miss Invisible. I appreciate that Walker can take a character like Freddy, who in the beginning appears Invisible and Insignificant...and transforms her into an interesting, strong, capable, funny character.

This book is like one long hug after another. And in the end, we come to the realization that we are truly hugging ourselves.

--Walker's book, "Reconstructing Natalie," is another gem worth feeling good about.
Rating: ****

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