Missing You

Missing You

by Harlan Coben

Laura Hall (07/08/14): Harlan COben does a great job of writing the perfect length chapters to keep you focused yet not too lengthy. Yet each chapter always leaves you wanting to turn to the next one in suspense. This novel brings 2 stories together of a girl who is also a cop trying to find who killed her father 18 years ago, but finding this out leads her to 5 other missing people and one man, possibly her father, having a separate life opposite of what she has viewed her admirable father to be. Weaving in the other 5 missing people and their loved ones, it can get a bit confusing but just enough to keep you wanting to find out the truth- the very end!
Rating: *****

Ricki Brodie (04/21/14): Police Detective Kat Donovan receives a subscription to an online dating service by a girlfriend who wants her to get out more. She is shocked to find her ex-fiancé who left her 18 years ago on the site using a different name. While debating whether to contact her ex, a young man comes into the station and asks her to find his missing mother. She finds out the mother has gone away with the ex.

The author takes you down the road of what can happen if a profile on line is not the person you thought. He portrays this online dating scene and its creator in such a way that you want to run and never turn on your computer again. He does an amazing job of taking you down various paths that veer off in other directions. It’s a page turner you won’t want to put down.
Rating: *****

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