by Suzanne Collins

Wanda Cohen (04/16/12): I was so glad that I had this one ready to go when I finished the second installment of this trilogy. I too felt sad when I read the last page and had to leave the characters behind. I found this book such a strong reminder that corruption can be hidden so well that only the keenest eye can find it! Thank you Katniss for having that eye? I love an author that isn't afraid to make her books speak to the dark side of humanity. I also love characters that have flaws and strenghts that make them heros almost inspite of themselves. This is one of those authors. Well done Suzanne!
Rating: *****

Debbie Weiss (03/10/12): My subdivision bookclub decided to read all three books of this Hunger Game Trilogy this month. This is quite a bit of reading for me, but I am glad I had the opportunity to complete all three in time. I just finished Mockingjay, the last of the series, and I extremely enjoyed each book. I was anxious to see how the saga would end and I wasn't totally surprised with who Katniss (the main character) ended up with as her partner in life. All the violence and all the deaths did get to me eventually, but these factors are simply part of the nature of life in Panem. Who were the good guys in all of this? Sometimes it was hard to tell! I think this trilogy was simply excellent. Now I look forward to seeing the movie which comes out later this month.
Rating: *****

Dale Israel (01/23/12): Mockingjay is the third and final book in the Hunger Games series. I am in a state of mourning now that I have completed all three novels... I walk around the house aimlessly missing all of my "friends" and the excitement I experienced while reading these stories. Will I find another book that will engage me as much as these books did?! Hmmmm....I hope so but it's going to have to be really special!
Rating: *****

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