A Mercy


by Hilary Jordan

Dale Israel: Thank you Judy for recommending this book...I absolutely loved it! I feel a little guilty saying I loved it. How can you love a book that deals with bigotry, tragedy and hatred? Well for one thing, the author is an extremely talented wordsmith. Her words are so lyrical and evoke strong mental images. Gaining insight into each character's perspective added another enjoyable dimension to the novel. Finally, growing up in a small Southern town and attending a high school where race relations were often heated, it was easy for me to relate to parts of the story. It made me sick, angry and really ticked off to read about all the prejudices that occurred. On the other hand, you could see how we've come a long way, baby. I really enjoyed this haunting book. It is definitely a good read.
Rating: ****

Judy Stanton: Hillary Jordan looks so young on the book jacket and Mudbound is her first novel. It's a good one. A quick read, a page turner, hard to put down. I loved her style of jumping from one person's perspective to another. She tells you the end at the beginning but you really don't know the end til the end and then, you're not really sure how all their stories end. Sounds confusing, but it works. Set in the 1940s in Mississippi, it's a reflection of the times when both women and blacks were treated more like possessions than people. There's a great intertwining of stories and families and relationships; love and sorrow; joy and sadness; strength and weakness. Well done.
Rating: ****

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