My Mother's Kitchen

My Mother's Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and the Meaning of Life

by Peter Gethers

Overview:My Mother's Kitchen is a funny, moving memoir about a son’s discovery that his mother has a genius for understanding the intimate connections between cooking, people and love.

Peter Gethers wants to give his aging mother a very personal and perhaps final gift: a spectacular feast featuring all her favorite dishes. The problem is, although he was raised to love food and wine he doesn’t really know how to cook. So he embarks upon an often hilarious and always touching culinary journey that will ultimately allow him to bring his mother’s friends and loved ones to the table one last time.

The daughter of a restaurateur—the restaurant was New York’s legendary Ratner’s—Judy Gethers discovered a passion for cooking in her 50s. In time, she became a mentor and friend to several of the most famous chefs in America, including Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton and Jonathan Waxman; she also wrote many cookbooks and taught cooking alongside Julia Child. In her 80s, she was robbed of her ability to cook by a debilitating stroke. But illness has brought her closer than ever to her son: Peter regularly visits her so they can share meals, and he can ask questions about her colorful past, while learning her kitchen secrets. Gradually his ambition becomes manifest: he decides to learn how to cook his mother the meal of her dreams and thereby tell the story of her life to all those who have loved her.

With his trademark wit and knowing eye, Peter Gethers has written an unforgettable memoir about how food and family can do much more than feed us—they can nourish our souls.

Faith Bowers (06/24/17): Peter Gethers is a writer and editor. His mother Judy Gethers started her a career at 53 as a serious cook and learned from Wolfgang Puck in his first kitchen in CA. Food is important to both Peter and his mother but this is a tribute to Judy. I love cooking good food and reading about food in books, either cookbooks or interesting people. This has both. There are some good recipes that I shall try including in our repetoire. Our daily favorite, chocolate pudding, I have already made 5 times. It is really good. I got to know Judy Gethers, her husband, history of her family through her son. The book reminded me of Restaurant Man but with the Jewish perspective of the dairy restaurant Ratners on the lower east side of NYC. Learning about the famous Wolfgang Puck, learning about wines and stories about places to eat in Italy and France made a really fun book to read.
Rating: ****

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