Night Road

Night Road

by Kristin Hannah

Chris Mehling (10/10/11): I was in Mexico visiting my sister Beth for 9 days and wanted some good beach reads. Beth recommended Kristin Hannah's Night Road. I was hooked from the get go and could not put it down. I thought the author's writing style was very descriptive and vivid. Her tone was conversational and engaging.

Night Road introduces us to a young woman named Alexa "Lexi" Baill, who was a product of a heroin addicted mother. She was in and out of various foster homes until a great-aunt named Eva Lange came to claim her. I knew this book would leave me in tears when Lexi met her great-aunt for the first time and said "If you keep me, you won't regret. I swear it." I knew then that this young woman was going to captivate me.

Lexi starts out at a brand new high school and meets Mia on the very first day of class. They both had experienced many rejections in life and develop a very easy friendship. The author also develops relationships with siblings, spouses, and lovers easily. The story unfolds into one bad decision that completely alters the lives of many. It is about acceptance, love, anger, loss and ultimately forgiveness.

I really enjoyed this authors easy style of writing. I am now reading another one of her books "Firefly Lane" and fully intend to read all of her books eventually.
Rating: ****

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