No Angel

No Angel

by Penny Vincenzi

Dale Israel: One of the best things about this book is that it's a trilogy! A juicy family saga taking place in the early 1900's, this book's central character, Celia Lytton, is a woman who is light years ahead of her contemporaries. She's a wife, mother, shrewd business woman, daughter, and lover. The author, Penny Vincenzi has a talent for using her characters to elicit a variety of emotions from her audience. For example, when Lady Celia engaged in an extramarital affair, there were times when I hoped she would leave her boring, dull husband Oliver but in the next paragraph, I felt sorry for Oliver and wanted her to stay with him. While there were numerous editorial errors, I really enjoyed this novel. It gave me a glimpse into life during WW I and took me away from the day to day routines of life. If you enjoy good ole fashioned family sagas, you'll really love this one. .
Rating: ****

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