Not My Daughter

Not My Daughter

by Barbara Delinsky

Wanda Cohen: I picked this up because I had read a review about it and thought it sounded interesting. It was. As the mother of a daughter it certainly hit close to home but you don't have to be a mother of girls or even a mother to read this story. Susan Tate is a single mother and the principal of the high school. She is in a position of authority in the community. She is looked upon as the guardian of not only her own child but also of all the pupils who attend her school. Imagine what happens when her own daughter and two of her daughter's best friends, all high achieving, college bound, admired and involved, young women make a pact to get pregnant during the summer before their senior year. The fallout from the personal choice made by these young girls carries far into the community and into the lives of their immediate and extended families in ways that remind the reader of Witch trials in Salem and the Scarlet Letter. How can that happen in this day and time. It makes us ask ourselves, how do we feel about the concept of unwed mothers? Are we progressive? Are we traditional? What would we do? The story is thought provoking to say the least. Should the decisions of our children determine how we are treaded by society. Should we be judged by our children's actions? Should our jobs be determined by how other's see our morality? I recommend this book. It's a well written, quick read that raises timely questions while telling a really good story.
Rating: ****

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