The Island

The Island

by Tracy Garvis-Graves

Jodi Roberts (05/12/13): I read this book last summer and wondered what others may have thought of the story. I was surprised to note it was not on this website, so I am sending this review in now. It was an interesting take on a "coming of age" romance that is well suited to reading while languishing on the beach. This is what I thought last year: "I didn't know what to expect as I had not read any reviews nor knew anything about this book. I was scrolling through my Kindle store when this caught my eye. It seemed to hold promise with an interesting story that seemed fresh and different. It turned out to be quite a page turner and met the expectations of a new and different piece of fiction. A great summer read." Do not expect great literature; do expect a fun time!
Rating: *****

Why don't you purchase this book from Amazon?

Why don't you purchase this Kindle e-book from Amazon?

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