One Good Turn

by Kate Atkinson

Arlene Almas: This is another of Atkinson's Jackson Brodie mysteries - Brodie is ex-military, ex-police, and ex-private eye, and somehow manages to find murders to solve wherever he goes. This time he's going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland (all types of quirky plays, comedy, etc.) with his girlfriend Julia, but it's not long before mayhem ensues. A number of festival-goers waiting on line for tickets to a performance witness a road-rage incident, but the perpetrator gets away before the police arrive.

Murders begin to occur, and connections gradually emerge among the road rage participants, the witnesses to the event, and the murder victims. Brodie can't help getting involved, since solving this kind of case is practically his life. In spite of the occasional violence, there's plenty of humor mixed into the narrative, and many of the characters are a hoot. Kate Atkinson is one good author.
Rating: ****

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