Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell

by Jeffrey Archer

Judy Stanton (12/31/11): As a Jeffrey Archer fan, I was excited to see a new novel by him, and, as usual, got quickly swept up into the lives of his characters. In usual Archer style, there are always unexpected twists in the tale. Set in Bristol, England, in the early 1900s, the novel centers on Harry Clifton, a talented young boy brought up in a poor home, with no father, but a determined mother who does everything possible to assure that Harry succeeds in life. The novel is interestingly written, from several character's perspective. Unexpectedly, the first chapter talks from the character's point of view, but the following chapters talk about that character. I admit, at first, that felt a little awkward to follow. The story is compelling, you really want to know how it ends, and therein lies the really doesn't. I often don't read the summary in advance, but in this case, perhaps I should have. The book evidently is part of the "Clifton Chronicles," and book two (The Sins of the Father) doesn't come out until Spring 2012!! And, the ending is a dramatic one that really leaves the reader hanging! I should have known that Jeffrey Archer is not to be trusted! Still, I enjoyed the read, and now am on the hook for the Clifton Chronicles....God knows how many books that will be!
Rating: ****

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