Ordinary People

Ordinary People

by Judith Guest

Kim Sisto Robinson: "Ordinary People" is far from "Ordinary." It is a fascinating read about a family going though extraordinary circumstances. It is a novel about how one action causes a reaction. And once that action occurs, absolutely nothing can stop the events which will follow and transform an entire family into total chaos, bitterness, secrets, and unforgiveness.

"Ordinary People" has all of the right stuff: suicide, an unsympathetic mother, a crumbling marriage, death, and unforgettable, vibrant characters. It has Conrad who cannot forgive himself because of his brother's death, and a mother who cannot forgive him for living. It has a father, who is trying desperately to keep a family together, but in the end, does not succeed. His wife finds him in the kitchen crying. "Why you are crying, Calvin," she asks. "You are beautiful." He says. "You are unpredictable. But you are not strong. And I'm starting to wonder if you're really giving. Everything would have been perfect if there were no messes, but you can't take messes...And I don't know whether I love you anymore. That's why I'm crying."

This book could be about any ordinary family going through a crisis. The questions are: Will you survive? Will you travel through the darkness or around it? Will you remain the same coming out the other side? There is absolutely nothing "Ordinary" about about Judith Guest's writing. She gives the reader one small explosion after another. She give us athentic people. And just when we assume the story will conclude the way we want, she unwraps the tight pretty bow of predictability into real life. A five star family drama worth your time.
Rating: *****

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