Outer Banks

Outer Banks

by Anne Rivers Siddons

Sharon Weiss (06/18/12): I loved this book and passed it on to Debbie, because I thought she would enjoy it too. Although I was never in a sorority at college, I could relate to the women in the story, and I found the characters very engaging. I would recommend this book to anyone who who has experienced life's ups and downs after the college years.
Rating: *****

Debbie Weiss (06/10/12): Outer Banks is not a new book, having been published in 2003. I loved it from page one! The story revolves around four friends, Kate, Cecie, Ginger and Georgina ("Fig") who meet at Randolph College in Alabama in the 1960s. They are sorority sisters with very different backgrounds. Kate is intelligent and vibrant, but stained by a family that lived a life of lies. Cecie is sensitive and sensible and whose parents passed away when she was quite young. Ginger comes from a family of wealth. She is not too smart but is very sexy and fun-loving. Fig is extremely bright and is a talented writer, but she is unattractive and possesses an unlikable personality. In spite of these differences, they love each other and have four amazing college years of education and fun. Paul Sibley is the man that Kate fell in love with during senior year at school, but he ends up marrying Ginger instead for one obvious reason -- money.

Thirty years have passed since college graduation. The girls have not kept in touch. Paul's behavior and actions created a schism that seemed insurmountable. None-the-less, they now have decided to let bygones be bygones and to have a reunion at Ginger and Paul's beach house in Nags Head, North Carolina. The week starts out fanastically, with wonderful memories and great laughs. The women re-connect and their strong feelings of admiration and love bubble up. However, the undercurrents of hurt feelings and feelings of betrayal are still there and lead to an intense ending.

This author writes beautifully and gives 3 dimensions to each character so that you feel as though you know each one intimately. It is a story of relationships that we can all relate to. This is an excellent book.
Rating: *****

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