Sarah's Key

Paranormal State

by Ryan Buell

Wanda Cohen: Ryan has been made famous by starring in the A&E series, Paranormal State. This is his first book about his life, his research and the making of the TV series. It covers many cases and how his team functioned before and after the addition of editors, production, cameras and lots of extra people running around while he and his team try to actually carry out true research into the paranormal. Are there real haunted houses? Can they capture evidence that ghosts exist? His story is interesting and he writes very much like he talks. He gives lots of case histories and their findings, some that made it into the series and some that didn't. At the time of this writing the series was filming and premiering it's first season. It's now in it's fourth season. I found the book to be very honest and written with integrity. He believes. He wants to find the evidence to back up his belief and he is going about it one step, one case at a time.
Rating: ****

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