Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision

by Patricia Ferguson

Arlene Almas:Here is another British novel ike Kate Atkinson's "When Will There Be Good News" about a collection of characters living in different times and places whose lives eventually intersect. Sylvia, an expert eye surgeon, is afraid she doesn't love her baby. She has a long-time friend, Will, an actor taking care of his terminally ill mother. Long before Sylvia becomes a surgeon, George, a nine-year-old boy, has a severe accident to one eye, and his mother Ruby feels an incapacitating guilt for the rest of her life because she feels responsible. Iris is a young nurse in the hospital where George is operated on, and is the only one who can soothe him; she is also in love with a medical student, Rob, who is from a higher social class than her (in British life , apparently, class is still very much an issue).

I felt that I got to know all these people and others in the book very intimately, and was always eager to know what would happen to them next and how they would wind up. The author satisfies this wish by tying everything together most satisfactorily at the end. This was a riveting story I found very hard to put down.
Rating: *****

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