Playing with Matches

Playing With Matches

by Carolyn Wall

Judy Stanton (08/30/12): Playing with Matches is Set in southern Mississippi, in a poor, rural community close to the "Farm," a large prison. It is s "coming of age" story told by and about Clea Shine, the daughter of the local prostitute, who is brought up by a good-hearted local African American family. Written in southern dialect, the book follows Clea from childhood through adulthood, as she tries to come to terms with not being accepted for the color of her skin; her quick, sharp intelligence; and her mother's nasty reputation. As a mother herself, she still can't shake the traumas of her life, and returns "home" as Mother Nature is adding yet another crisis to her life. Seeing her grow into a mature, compassionate human being who touches the lives of others and comes to realize that every person has their own, often sad, story, makes this a worthwhile read. 3+
Rating: ***+

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