by Jo Nesbo

Ricki Brodie (03/13/14): I am a huge fan of Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series. It seems once Stieg Larsen (Girl with a Dragon Tattoo) died, America found Jo Nesbo, a Norwegian writer of dataries. dark mysteries. Police is his tenth Harry Hole book. The books in the series have not been released in order and it is not necessary to go back to the beginning to catch up. He gives you enough information to read each ne independently. The Snowman was one of the best and on the best seller list for a time.

The ninth novel ends in a cliff-hanger. Harry has been shot at point blank range. Police opens and we do not know Harry’s fate. What we do know is that police officers are being murdered by a serial killer and are found at the sites of unsolved murders in whose investigations they participated. The big question is whether a cop is behind the murders. Harry’s former boss goes against the Chief of Police’s orders and creates a small, talented task force to investigate.

The plot has numerous twists and turns. You start to believe one thing, go down one path and boom, you find out it is completely wrong. It’s great fun for a mystery reader. The unexpected happens and it is shocking at times. Being invested in the characters is one of Nesbo’s strengths.
* Rating: *****

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