Prayers for Sale

Prayers for Sale

by Sandra Dallas

Diane Barnes(10/16/11): I enjoyed this book! It's not a religious book, but has a Christian theme running through it. It's an easy, uplifting read.
Rating: *****

Judy Stanton (10/01/11): Contrary to the title, this is not a religious book, but rather a simple, sweet story of life in the 1930s in a Colorado mining town. I enjoyed the book's authentic voice, its description of women's work---cooking, quilting, birthing babies--and men's work -- dredging and mining, as well as the history of "mail order" brides and wagon trains moving west. The main character, Ila Mae/Hennie, is a strong, caring women who is the backbone of her community. The book is the story of her life and her loves and the mountain "family" she lovingly supports. If you like historical fiction, this easy-to-read book takes you back to a time and place where life was not easy and simple pleasures were greatly valued. Although fairly predictable, it was a worthshile read.
Rating: ****

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