Prisoners of Hope

Prisoners of Hope

by Barbara Fradkin

Overview: Amanda Doucette finds herself drawn into the world of exploited foreign workers when she rescues a Filipino nanny accused of murdering her wealthy employer.

Georgian Bay: a spectacular terrain of granite shores, deserted islands, and infinite sparkling bays. As part of her cross-Canada charity tour, Amanda has planned a kayaking trip in the area for abused families from a rural Ontario community.

While exploring some remote islands offshore, she and a local tour guide rescue a frightened young woman whose boat has capsized. In an apparent act of kindness, the tour guide takes the woman to shore, leaving Amanda stranded. But when news surfaces that a wealthy doctor has died at his estate and his Filipino nanny has gone missing, Amanda fears far more sinister forces are at work. When the young tour guide is found dead on a nearby island, she and RCMP officer Chris Tymko race to prevent more innocent deaths.

Carole Zwicker (11/12/18): Amanda Doucette travels to Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada to scout a future kayak trip she is organizing for a group of disadvantaged families. A young tour guide joins her to map out the excursion. However, the journey is interrupted when they rescue a woman stranded on the bay. From that point, many storylines take over: the murder of a cottager, the disappearance of the tour guide, the arrival of Amanda's RCMP love interest, the missing rescued woman, the search parties to find several lost people, etc. The plot is sometimes too busy but moves at a quick pace. Many subjects are dealt with here: abused families, humanitarian workers, undocumented immigrants, drug abuse, lifestyle of the wealthy, abuse of domestic workers. All this in one of Canada's most beautiful settings. An enjoyable and interesting read.
Rating: ****

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