Probable Future

Probable Future

by Alice Hoffman

Ricki Brodie (03/11/14): Thirteen generations of Sparrow women have lived in Unity, MA. Each on her thirteenth birthday awakens with a magical skill. The current matriarch, a cancer riddled Elinor can discern a liar within her midst. Her daughter Jenny, with whom she was estranged, fled Unity with her ne’er do-well alcoholic husband Will, and who hoped to protect her daughter from the “gift”, can see other people’s dreams. Stella, her daughter, who resented her divorced mother, on her thirteenth birthday, had the ability to see how people die. Stella shared this knowledge with her father and begged him to stop a woman from being murdered.

They all wind up back in Unity where Will’s brother Matt, who always loved Jenny is researching the first Sparrow woman and her descendants. There are other stories of love, hope and family that intertwine. Hoffman does a fine job of weaving the characters in this quick read. Rating: ***+

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