by Daphne du Maurier

Overview: So the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter remembered the chilling events that led her down the turning drive past ther beeches, white and naked, to the isolated gray stone manse on the windswept Cornish coast. With a husband she barely knew, the young bride arrived at this immense estate, only to be inexorably drawn into the life of the first Mrs. de Winter, the beautiful Rebecca, dead but never forgotten...her suite of rooms never touched, her clothes ready to be worn, her servant the sinister Mrs. Danvers still loyal. And as an eerie presentiment of evil tightened around her heart, the second Mrs. de Winter began her search for the real fate of Rebecca...for the secrets of Manderley.

Linda Smither (06/08/16): Sold 3 million copies since its publication in 1938, never gone out of print, tv and movie adaptations. Need I say more? This humble reviewer has APPARENTLY been living in the dark, because I did not know the story. Rebecca is a suspenseful page-turner with so many twists and turns that even I (The humble reviewer) couldn't figure out. Delicious prose will transport you to an English mansion filled with jealousy, intrigue and suspense, (not to mention precious art, delictible tea, proper rose garden, a stormy sea, delightful dog).

Read, or re-read, you will enjoy! I promise. Four Stars!
Rating: ****

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