Red Mist

Red Mist

by Patricia Cornwell

Marilyn Baron (01/08/12): Not an official review, but just adding to the last reviewer's comments. I really liked the book and I am a loyal Patricia Cornwell fan so love and will buy everything she writes. I have a friend who stopped reading her because her books were getting too gory, but that's her genre and she is a master of it. Recommend this book to any Kay Scarpetta fans.
Rating: *****

Wanda Cohen (01/03/12): Although not up to the first books featuring Kay Scarpetta, this is still an entertaining, exciting and unpredictable read. Scarpetta is an interesting character with lots of baggage including almost being murdered by a young woman who is now claiming that she is the victim, and Kay is the villain. Her accusations cause the FBI to take a second look into the case. The FBI includes Scarpetta's husband who has conveniently forgotten to mention this fact to her. That's just the beginning. As the plot continues people from Kay's past resurface in unexpected ways. She becomes the only person to make the connection between what has happened, is happening and the possibility of horrific future events. Are there really weapons of mass destruction being produced in Georgia? Is it her imagination? Can we be the testing ground for terrorists finalizing and refining their newest attacks or for some brilliant local murderer looking for revenge? All these questions are asked and answered in true Cornwell style. After almost giving up on her books, I am glad that I read this one.
Rating: ****

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