by Owen Sheers

Arlene Almas:The story of "Resistance" takes place during an alternate history of World War II (history as it did NOT happen) in which Germany has conquered Europe and Russia, and has now invaded England. In an isolated valley in Wales, the men are recruited into a resistance movement which requires them to leave their wives and their farms secretly one night, without having told their wives anything. The women must fend for themselves, helping each other keep their farms running. Eventually a small German patrol comes to the valley and moves into an unoccupied home.

At first the women and the German soldiers remain apart from each other, but as time and a grueling winter go on, the soldiers begin to help the women with their arduous work, and the women become dependent on them while still missing their husbands terribly and without a clue as to where they are - or, for that matter, if they are still alive. This is a beautifully written novel with fully believable characters and action. I found it a fascinating tale.
Rating: ****

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