Road to Tara

Road to Tara: The Life of Margaret Mitchell

by Anne Edwards

Judy Stanton (01/12/12): Anne Edwards is an exceptional biographer; in fact, she must have spent as much time researching this book as it appears Margaret Mitchell spent writing Gone With the Wind. I always enjoy learning how an author came to write a book and the trials and tribulations endured. It was interesting to see the parallels between Gone with the Wind and her personal life and to read about old Atlanta. The day after I finished the book, we happened to be in Midtown and passed the Margaret Mitchell house, which brought the book even closer to home. I loved the part where the Junior League didn't invite her to join, so she refused to attend their celebration honoring the book/movie! If you want to learn about the South and more than you ever wanted to know about Margaret Mitchell, I would recommend the Road to Tara.
Rating: ****

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