Rough Country

Rough Country

by John Sandford

Wanda Cohen: I find myself reading the same authors over and over because I've grown accustomed to their style and their reoccurring characters. They are comfortable and easy and a bit predictable. This one is different. Yes, same author and yes, a reoccurring character but I didn't solve the mystery until the very end and I consider that a huge plus. This an easy read. It would be great for waiting rooms, airplanes or a lazy weekend. The really great thing is that you can read it and then hand it to your husband and he would enjoy it as well.

You meet Virgil Flowers, a quiet, fisherman who also happens to be one of the top criminal investigators for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. He is called in to help with a murder committed at a women's only resort. The web of connections between this victim and others leads to a complicated case for my new favorite character, Virgil. The victim is a powerful, successful advertising "mover and shaker" who is about to take over the firm and really make it her own. That means some people will have to go. Is it one of them? She is going to end her relationship with her live in lover. Is it her? She has discovered a new singing talent and is about to introduce her to the world in a big way. Is it one of the band members left behind? A real "who done it." Sandford hit a home run with this one.
Rating: ****

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