Run Boy Run

Run Boy Run

by Uri Orlev

Faith Bowers (06/18/14): After reading Judy's review, I reserved this book and researched a little more about Orlev's other books. I read an earlier book by Orlev first The Man from The Other Side which I liked much better. They are both based on true stories and were actually in the childrens book section in our library. Rating: ***

Judy Stanton (05/19/14): Seeing that "Run Boy Run" won the audience award for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival peaked my interest in reading the book. It's a quick read, under 200 pages, and more of a young adult novel. It is an amazing story and more so being that it is based on a reality. Not only did the reader learn what a young boy age 8 - 10 years old did to survive for years during the war, the book also showed how he was treated-- sometimes barbarically and other times lovingly -- by village people, German soldiers, Russian soldiers, Christian people and pastors, and even other Jews. It was interesting to me to learn of organized Jewish efforts to reclaim orphaned Jewish children after the war and to help them reconnect with what remained of their families and their Jewish roots. Only at the end of the story, though, did you feel the boy's overwhelming sadness and need for the love of family. The book catalogued his adventures and survival techniques, but didn't do as well in making the reader connect to his emotions.
Rating: ***

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