Russian Mosaic

Russian Mosaic

by Olga Kane

Overview: Russian Mosaic is the true story of a young girl from a Russian mining town above the Arctic Circle, whose coming of age is marked by tragedy and hardship, but ultimately survival. She spent her childhood and college years under the structured control of the state. With always a bit of rebellion for the lack of freedom and self-expression, she learned to “play along” to get by. As a young adult, she witnessed the fall of communism and the Soviet Union, and with it, the change of lifestyle for all Russians. The daughter of a miner father and an accountant mother, Olga endures a number of ordeals that would have broken others less resilient. From the untimely passing of her father, and through a variety of early life experiences, she learns from her mother not to rely on others, but to be self-sufficient and to make her own way in the world. She not only survives but succeeds and writes with the hope of inspiring other women who face adversity in life.

Anna Casto (02/06/18): I found this book to be gripping. I could not put it down. I have already bought it as a birthday gift for one of my friends.

The book contains a story of triumph over adversity. It is about the life of a girl born and raised in the harsh conditions north of the polar circle in Communist Russia who overcame the hard existence at the edges of both society and geography to graduate from a University.

Like the author, I was born and lived under Communist rule in the former Soviet Union. We know that the Communist Utopia promised to the masses was a lie, creating instead an oppressive society of economic hardship and constant fear of the knock on the door in the middle of the night because of something you might have said that someone in power found offensive.

While reading this book I was constantly thinking that it should be used in our schools to provide the younger generations an insight into what life is really like for the average person under a Communist society so they could compare it to what they see first hand of life in this country and realize how great life in America is.

Yes, this Russian Mosaic makes you think! Thank you,Olga for sharing your story with us
Rating: *****

Linda Breffle (01/31/18): I read this book in three days It was spellbinding. I hope Ms Kane will write something else real soon. She survived and so glad she came to America and told her story.
Rating: *****

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