Same Sweet Girls

Same Sweet Girls

by Cassandra King

Gwendolyn Waring: It has been a while since I read this book but I have fond memories that this is a great summer read.
Rating: ***

Chris Mehling: I found myself at the library one day looking for "The Sunday Wife" by this author as I had heard it was a good book. There was a long wait for it, so I decided to check out another one of her books titled "Same Sweet Girls". It is the story of six women entering mid-life as long time friends from a small southern college in Alabama who meet biannually for a girl weekend. The story is told by three of these women. They call themselves the "Same Sweet Girls" or the "SSG's but they are anything but sweet. The three women that tell the story are Lanier, the ex jock that somehow always manages to mess up her life and has done it again; Corrine, the renowned gourd artist (yep she paints gourds) who is dealing with a controlling ex-husband and trying to win back the! affection of her college age son; and Julia, the perfect political wife married to the governor of Alabama Jo Ed Stovall.

The book goes back and forth between the lives of these three women and their reunions every spring and fall when all six share their stories and heartaches. When one of the women faces one of her most difficult challenges in her life, the other five are immediately there for her. This book did remind my of the Ya Ya Sisterhood (which I liked better) embracing female friendships and the bond they create as a group. It was a pretty quick read even for a slow reader like me and I did enjoy it.

Although I have never read any Pat Conroy books, it was interesting to read the Cassandra King is his wife.
Rating: ***

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