Scoops: Three Indulgent Short Stories

by Yara Blessyn

Overview: (1) When My Turn Rolls Around

Fiona Styles is a beautiful, educated woman with an excellent job. Her professional life is on point but her personal life is a train wreck. Unfortunately, the men she seeks to have relationships with have their own agenda and she did not get the memo. With the help of her younger sister Penny she's able to learn how to separate the trash from the treasures. An invitation by a suitor convinced her to try the party scene. That's where she met big, tall, handsome and very distinguished Matt Raven. He knew the right songs to sing and the right steps to dance right into her heart.

(2) Weather the Storm

Technically, slavery has long been over but the foul odor of racism still wafts heavily through the air of Clinton. A kind smile on your face and a lot of gossip behind your back, plenty of "Lawd have mercy" and "Bless his heart," and a clearing of the throat washed down with a glass of sweet tea and ready to move on to the next victim. Working for the Murdocks was the only job Lilly knew. Even though she and the Mrs. often clashed, Mrs. Murdock wouldn't trade Lilly for anyone in the world but you'll never hear that from her lips. Lilly was a kind and caring person, but her kindness never brought the right man to her door. Her grandmother knew the right man had already been chosen because it was written in the stars. He's different nothing like the rest, she just has to receive him.

(3) Darling Evil

If ever there were someone you'd love to hate, KeeKee Shaw would be that person. Egotistical, self-centered, manipulative, arrogant, after meeting her, those would be a few of the words you'd use to describe her. You may even say, downright nasty. Although, only a senior in high school, she is wise beyond her years. A pretty Trinidadian-American girl, a fashion queen with very expensive taste but the one characteristic that stands out most is her affinity to temp, lure, and conquer any man she sets her mind to regardless of age, race or relation. All good must come to an end. Unfortunately, in KeeKee's case it was a tragic end.

S.Jones(08/23/15): Let me begin by saying I read for pleasure and entertainment. That is why I recommend "SCOOPS," Three Indulgent Short Stories. If ever there were a book with characters and scenarios worth remembering this is the book. "SCOOPS," Three Indulgent Short Stories would be the talk of any book club and I mean that in a good way. The author has a gift of luring you in and dropping you off in centerfield making you a part of the story. Each one of her short stories is realistic and compelling. After reading the first short story I was hooked. I was sold by her captivating writing style. I find it amazing she has the ability to write in the past as well as current day. This book had what I refer to as, "Staying Power." I did not want to put it down! READ,READ,READ this book!
Rating: *****

S. Baker (07/30/14): This is a new release. Three of the most exciting stories. Easy to relate to, credible situations and very memorable characters. Each story draws you in with continuous action, romance, humor, intrigue, envy and of course sabotage. Stimulating from the first page to the very last. You won't want it to end. A must read, guaranteed enjoyment.
Rating: *****

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