Seen It All Done the Rest

Seen It All and Done the Rest

by Pearl Cleage

Gwendolyn Waring: Pearl Cleage has established a wonderful faux community in Atlanta. Her novels build on characters introduced in earlier books. She writes about contemporary issues in the black community with great flair. The 'depth' of her stories come from the interaction of the characters with those issues. She observes black culture and presents it in engaging and sometimes controversial fiction. I have enjoyed all of her books and anxiously await her next novel.
Rating: ****

Judy Stanton: "Seen It All and Done the Rest" is a light, breezy read that had some interesting characters. I liked the fact that it was set in Atlanta, and that is showed family members of different generations working together for a cause, each in her own way. Focusing on the grandmother/grand daughter relationship was fine, but the mother was MIA with no explanation...and issues facing the grand daughter are a major crisis one day and, seemingly, hardly even mentioned the next. The short chapters and dialog made it an easy read. Having read this after some really involved, compelling novels, I found this to be lacking depth and purpose.
Rating: ***

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