by Robin Cook

Debbie Weiss: This is the second book that I have read by Robin Cook, who is both a doctor as well as an author. I really loved "Crisis" and was disappointed that this book was not as good. The story line was interesting, though, so the book had potential.

Two scientists have developed a new cloning procedure that would take stem cell research to the next level. Senator Ashley Butler introduces legistlation to ban this particular type of cloning procedure due his "concern" for the unborn fetuses. It turns out, however, that the Senator has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and this procedure could possibly be a cure for his malady. He "bribes" the two scientists into using him as a human guinea pig for this procedure. In return, he would drop the legislation banning the procedure. The story line becomes a little far-fetched when the Senator insists that the DNA that is to be implanted into his body be extracted from the dried blood on the Shroud of Turin. 
Rating: ***

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