by Louise Shaffer

Arlene Almas: This is an affectionately written story about three generations of women - Carrie, her mother Rose, and her grandmother Lu (you could say four if you want to count her great-grandmother Mifalda). Rose has just died, and Carrie determines that now is the time for her to finally discover why her mother and grandmother have not spoken to each other for decades. Lu was famous in the show business world of 1950's Broadway musicals, and Rose wound up marrying the fabulously successful composer and writer Bobby Manning, who created many shows for Lu to star in. With so much to share, what could have caused the deep and permanent rift between Rose and Lu? With the help of her Uncle Paulie, Lu's brother, and George, Lu's musical director, Carrie gradually comes to learn the life stories of her mother and grandmother, and to understand the reasons for their tempestuous relationship. "Serendipity" is emotionally satisfying and an easy read.
Rating: ***

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