Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

by Karen Kingsbury

Laura Hall (07/09/13): As a well-loved reader of Karen Kingsbury books, she did not disappoint in Shades of Blue as her detail and use of characters portraying emotions and real-human issues and thoughts were brought forth. As she goes into the minds and hearts of the characters in their present lives and how they have to go into their past and put to rest an unclosed chapter and issue in their life and past relationship, you can feel the characters emotion and turmoil at how to handle it and the true decisions we face in daily lives. Being a teacher it also yanks at the strings of any adults love for children as well as troubled lives of teens in love and devotion. I hope you find this book enjoyable and also helps you to seek into your own heart as it does bring forth some real issues in the daily world Christians and nonchristians have to face to answer.
Rating: *****

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