Shadow Song

Shadow Song

by Terry Kay

Judy Stanton: This was the first book I have read by Terry Kay, and now I intend to read more. I enjoyed his writing style, his descriptive prose, his bringing the past and present together, in a skillful, readable way, and the development of a variety of interesting characters. I also enjoyed the story, that of a young boy from Georgia who works in the Catskills in the 50s and falls for a Jewish girl from an affluent family. He also befriends an elderly man, Avrum, with whom he develops a life-long friendship. The story starts with Bobo coming back to the Catskills to handle Avrum's affairs after he passes away. The decline of the once popular resort is accurately portrayed. There is also an ongoing contrast with Avrum's obsession with an opera singer and Bobo's constant return to the Catskills, seeking, it seems, his lost love. In the end, it becomes a fulfilling page-turner.
Rating: ****

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