by Noah Gordon

Dale Israel (10/14/12): Shaman is the second installment of a trilogy written by Noah Gordon. I read The Physician years ago and can't figure out why I waited so long to read this one....I LOVED both novels. Mr. Gordon is a very talented author who, by his writing style, immerses his readers into a period of history almost like they're innocent bystanders watching from the sidelines. The nuances of his writing show the chacters' personalities, warts and all. This particular book takes place when the west was being discovered and the Civil War was being fought. A wonderful read if you enjoy historical fiction and family sagas. I couldn't put it down! His other book, the Last Jew was also very good. P.S. I couldn't remember anything about The Physician other than I liked it so this could be a stand alone book.
Rating: *****

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