Shelter From the Texas Heat

Shelter From the Texas Heat

by Bobbi Kornblit

Erica Aronin (10/31/11): Bobbi Kornblit's portrayal of grace and disgrace tangled in the lives of three generations of Texas women and their friends captivated me early on. Hooked from the 1st page, I didn't want to put the book down and ultimately, wished the story never ended. I loved going back and forth in time as Bobbi describes the lives of a grandmother, mother and daughter growing up during the last 40 years. She contrasts the time periods well, mixing historical and religious events of the time with struggles and emotions women seem to always face. Bobbi tackles life's issues and shows what can happen when the "going get tough." This is a great story, easy-read, and book that you just don't want to put down -- unless of course you need a glass of that Texas-brewed iced tea!

This is a must read! I will eagerly await it's sequel or Bobbi's 2nd novel! Cheers to Bobbi Kornblit!
Rating: *****

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