Sheriff Molly

by Gene Cox

Brenda Harkins (05/16/12): Sheriff Molly is a wild west where the roles usually taken by men are done by women and vice versa. Other than the fact that they do a better job of it then the men, the book is a constant chuckle the whole way through, and sometimes outrageously funny. Sheriff Molly also tells the story of eleven women searching for direction in their lives. They find that when you are possessed by a concept, demons follow. These women decide to try the expected life styles that were dictated to them by their spouse, parents, government, or society. They investigate if this is the way that life should be lived. The setting is a humorous and role reversed old west. Their adventures are played out in group struggles: Indian Cavalry, outlaw sheriff, husband wife, and drunk society. This novel is light, fast paced, and totally original in style. Above the story arcs the book is flat out entertaining.

The authors website is: genecoxbooks.com, where the first 30 pages can be read, and Sheriff Molly is selling on Amazon.com and b&n.com. If you like a very funny book about women (the western part is just the stage), read this book. (This is an e-book.)
Rating: *****

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