She's Come Undone

She's Come Undone

by Wally Lamb

Debbie Weiss (05/05/13): She's Come Undone was the first novel written by Wally Lamb and it was an Oprah's Book Club selection. It is the story of a young girl, Delores Price, who faces constant obstacles in her journey towards adulthood. Her father was unfaithful to her mother and they divorce after she suffers from mental illness. Delores is forced to move in with her grandmother and then is raped by a border in her grandmother's home. She eats incessantly, probably to compensate for her emotional problems and balloons to 257 pounds. Finally, her mother is killed by an auto. The story is not depressing, though. We see how Delores fights back against these difficulties, even after spending seven years in a mental hospital herself. This seems to be a theme in Wally Lamb's books --- life is difficult, but one can persevere and thrive against all odds. It was written well and I enjoyed the read. Rating: ****

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