Singing Mother Home

Singing Mother Home

by Donna S. Davenport

Judy Stanton: Reading has always been great therapy for me, both as a way to take my mind off life's aches and pains as well as helping me through difficult issues. In grieving at the loss of my mother, I've read several books that have been helpful. I saw the description of this one on Amazon and asked for it as a Mother's Day present. The book is written by a psychologist who takes the reader through the last year of her mother's life. Although there are major differences in our lives, the similar experiences were affirming....almost like going to a support group with people going through the same experience as you so you realize that you are not alone. Yes, it was hard to read at times, and did bring back some sad memories, but her overall theme was very life affirming and helpful. I also appreciated that although her mother was Christian and pretty religious, the author did not dwell on that aspect.
Rating: ****

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